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An evening with Allen Toussaint

Yes, that’s right.
As Fortuna would have it, we received a phone call from our good friend Jessica who’s on the board of the Algiers Riverfest Festival. This festival takes place in April weeks before the mother of all festivals, JazzFest, on the West bank of the Mississippi (actually the south bank of the river but you have to be here to understand, so please don’t ask).

People gather near the ferry landing, on the levee, across the street from the old court house. There is a stage for the artists who perform all weekend long, and an arts and craft fair plus a row of delicious food dispensing stands.

About a month before the festival, which this year takes place on April 17-18, the board of the Algiers Riverfest holds a Preview party for patrons and donors featuring a silent auction and a special guest artist performance. That’s what the phone call from Jessica was all about, “Would you like to be my guests to the party?”

It happened that we had Bed and Tango guests that weekend, Ed and Melanie from New York, so we thanked Jessica and our incredible luck, and the four of us headed for Mardi Gras World, a giant warehouse across the river where the Mardi Gras floats are built year around.

It was a fabulous night as we crossed the Crescent City Connection and made our way to the Blaine Kerns’s Studios where Mardi Gras World stands facing the skyline of the the city of New Orleans across the river. We were very excited because the featured artist was Allen Toussaint, an American musician, composer, record producer, and influential figure in New Orleans R&B.

Please enjoy our evening and chalk one more reason why our Bed and Tango is a favorite for tango dancers with discriminating taste.