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Brad, Ruthie and Domino   Leave a comment

Everyone who comes to New Orleans post Katrina is curious about the flooded areas, like the Ninth Ward.If you have time, we can take you there. This is the house that Brad Pitt, Domino Magazine, and Ruthie Sommers all pitched in on. It’s in the Holy Cross neighborhood right next door to the Ninth Ward.It’s a “green’ house. What cracks me up is that they paint it green inside and out. I guess they want you to really know it’s green. Right now it’s being used as the office for The Global Green Project.

This is the living room. It just doesn’t seem very Ruthie Sommers to me, and really not very Domino either. It looks kind of like a student Ikea deal.

You can visit this house at 409 Andry Street, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 AM until 4 PM. It’s open Saturdays from 10 AM until 1 PM.

There are plans to build an apartment building too, something that is predicted to be ready for occupancy in 14 months or so.

It’s really just another version of the classic shotgun house footprint, using modern architecture, and green products.