A New Orleans Southern Christmas brunch   Leave a comment

A New Orleans Southern Christmas brunch

The table in the dining room was set up early in the morning and it was a beautiful sight waiting to welcome good friends for a Christmas brunch. The chosen menu was to include Southern comfort food.

The feast began with smoked salmon with caviar and cream cheese. Also hearts of palm with Argentine salsa golf.

It continued with fresh raw oysters with horseradish sauce

The main course was Gulf Coast shrimp and grits. After cooking on hot oil and butter, the shrimp was stirred into halved cherry tomatoes sauteed with minced shallots, drained capers, dash of Tabasco and fresh lemon juice.

The grits were stirred into boiling milk and then baked in the oven. Separately, minced shallots and minced garlic were sauteed in melted butter and dry Torrontes white wine from the Cafayate Valley in Argentina until translucent. The mix along Parmesan cheese was folded into the cooked grits.

The grits were served on a plate and the shrimp and sauce layered over for a great presentation and a much more delicious treat.


Posted December 25, 2011 by Alberto & Valorie in Bed and tango

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