A hot little secret   1 comment

A hot little secret

A lot of music is still floating in the air as the festival season just exploded with the one two punch of a heavyweight fighter. The French Quarter Festival in mid April set up the stage for a very successful JazzFest, the first one in years were rain was not an unpaid participant.

As the hordes who descended on New Orleans for the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May began to gradually return to where they came from, the largest ever convention got underway, however the busy people in the hospitality industry know that just about this time of the year New Orleans’ infamous summer heat takes over the calendar and officially launches what people here call “the dead season,” because this is when the exodus from the city begins. That is the exodus of those involved with the city but not having made a commitment to it.

This is the time of the year when the body count wandering around the usual places trickles down and many business appreciate the presence of people at their establishments. There is no lying about it, the sun this time of the year can be brutally hot, the humidity at times can turn the driest skin into porcelain, and the afternoon rains become a frequent and welcomed visitor.

So here is the deal to tango lovers and aficionados dealing with brutal summer time along and across the nation. In New Orleans we have boulevards enclosed by giant oak trees, and we have air conditioning. We also know when to stay in and when to go out. We do this year in and year out, and look forward to do it again.

This period is ideal for a Bed and Tango experience with Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart combining a great vacation, with a world class tango experience in the most unexpected of places tailored to every individual couple and reaching as far as you want it to go.


Posted May 9, 2012 by Alberto & Valorie in Bed and tango

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  1. Alberto and Valerie,
    I am a friend of MariLynn and Walter, living in NY. I will be in New Orleans from Sept 17 -24th and wanted to know if there is a milonga during that time. Also look at the recent article on tango that appeared in CNN, for which I was interviewed. You may want to share it with tango buffs from New Orleans going to BsAs. /Users/migdalia/Desktop/Dancing to the music of love in Buenos Aires – CNN.com.webarchive.

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